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Marco Antonio Fujihara

ESG Advisor 

ESG Senior Advisor of Lacan since 2022 and with more than 40 years of experience in the forestry sector, he has been developing business qualification projects based on the Kyoto protocol since 1998 and, more recently, based on the Paris Agreements and voluntary markets as well as jurisdictional markets for the energy and forest-based sectors such as pulp and paper. He was coordinator of Forest Products for Mercosur, Superintendent of the Brazilian Society of Forestry, Coordinator of Natural Resources at Bracelpa (National Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers) and Director of Renewable Natural Resources of IBAMA (Brazilian Environment Institute) in Brasilia.


As an Agricultural Engineer, he took extension courses in Economics of Agricultural and Forestry Companies, Politics and Strategy and finally in Climate Change in Harvard University. He worked with the IPCC from 2002 to 2009 as a reviewer of WG2 and is currently an advisor for the CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project LATAM and ICLEI at Latam – Local Governments for Sustainability. He has also been an advisor to the CIF - Climate Investment Fund (World Bank and MDBs) and keyman of the Sustainability Fund of Brazil at the BNDES Clean Development Program as well as the Performa /Key Fund and Technological Innovation for Sustainability. He worked with Multilateral Organizations (WB, IDB) in the preparation of Investment Funds with Socio-Environmental Impact (InovaCapital Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank - IDB). He was Sustainability Director at PWC Brazil with operations in Latin America and Director at Key associados with a specific focus on carbon finance and corporate sustainability. Owner and Director of RADCE, a consulting firm focused on managing green and sustainable investments, Marco Antonio has participated on several boards of companies and organizations in the third sector. He is currently dedicated to innovative solutions at Techsocial, SINAI and ECOFIX, where he develops digital platforms and sustainable finance with the help of credit instruments and venture capital.


He also coordinates the Environmental Services Payment Program at TFA/WEF -World Economic Forum at MATOPIBA, as well as TNC global environmental services platform – The Nature Conservancy. He is also a professor of Sustainability and Compliance at FIA - Institute of Administration and ESG in Practice at the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance. Lastly, he is also a member of the Agribusiness group at the Business School of the University of São Paulo as well as executive coordinator of the FBMC (Brazilian forum on climate change).

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