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Ana Carolina Itzaina

Head of ESG

Ana Carolina joined Lacan in June 2023 and is currently our Head of ESG. Earlier in her career she worked as a Business Consultant for the São Paulo branch of FDG (founded by Prof Falconi and others). For 10 years she actively participated in the delivery of consultancy projects for large companies in Brazil in topics such as strategic planning, base-zero budgeting, continuous improvement (PDCA) implementation as well as ISO 9000 certification. Her consultancy group was acquired by Totvs, one of Brazil’s leading IT companies, and Carol becameConsultancy Sales Manager and led the process of a fast-pace growth of the business. For the next 10 years, she worked as Global Accounts and Key Accounts Manager at Lexmark.


When she became a mother, as an entrepreneur she successfully established a company that imports and distributes baby care products in Brazil. Having spent the last two years working as Chief Revenue Officer for Editora Latin Trade and launching a new series of events in NY named One Day for the Amazon, Carol decided to join Lacan and take on the challenge of leading the Sustainability division of the company.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Mauá Institute of Technology and an Executive MBA degree from Business School São Paulo. She also took a post-graduate degree in Global Management from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Carol is a triple-citizen of Germany, USA and Uruguay and she represented the Uruguayans in diving at the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996.

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